Air Moldova announces Codeshare Agreement with S7 Airlines

Air Moldova Embraer 190 (© Air Moldova)
Air Moldova Embraer 190 (© Air Moldova)

Air Moldova announces the launch of the code-share cooperation agreement russian air carrier S7 Airlines, member of Oneworld alliance.

By this agreement, passengers will benefit of choice variety while purchasing their plane tickets on the route Chisinau-Moscow-Chisinau. Also, through this partnership Air Moldova will provide tickets for already five flights per day versus three flights operated within today.

Thus, starting with this month Air Moldova will daily operate routes between Chisinau and Moscow according to the following schedule:

Daily routes from Chisinau to Moscow (Domodedovo) local time:
Departure from Chisinau at 07:00, arrival to Moscow at 08:45
Departure from Chisinau at 10:05, arrival to Moscow at 12:15
Departure from Chisinau at 13:40, arrival to Moscow at 15:30 ( starting with April 6)
Departure from Chisinau at 18:30, arrival to Moscow at 20:40
Departure from Chisinau at 20:00, arrival to Moscow at 21:55

S7 Airlines Airbus A320-200
S7 Airlines Airbus A320-200 (© O. Pritzkow)

Daily routes from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Chisinau local time:
Departure from Moscow at 07:05, arrival to Chisinau at 09:15
Departure from Moscow at 09:45, arrival to Chisinau at 11:40
Departure from Moscow at 15:30, arrival to Chisinau at 17:40
Departure from Moscow at 16:10, arrival to Chisinau at 18:10 ( starting with April 6)
Departure from Moscow at 22:55, arrival to Chisinau at 01:00

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