Air Madagascar Renews Full Support Agreement with AFI KLM E&M

Air Madagascar Airbus A340-300
Air Madagascar Airbus A340-300 (© Air Madagascar)

AFI KLM E&M has been providing support for Air Madagascar’s operations with its two A340-300s since September 2012. The airline has now decided to renew its trust in AFI KLM E&M.

Mr Roger Rakotozafy, Industrial Director Air Madagascar explained: „We are pleased to renew this agreement based on AFI KLM E&M’s proven ability to cover our maintenance needs with a full support contract.“ AFI KLM E&M has been providing „Total Care“ maintenance support for the two aircraft, covering engineering, airframe, engine, and component support, since 2012.

AFI KLM E&M’s tradition of quality, know-how and experience, along with its ability to respond to a vast range of needs, constitute valuable performance guarantees for Air Madagascar.


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