Aeroflot tokk delivery of its first full-spec SSJ-100

Aeroflot Sukhoi SuperJet 100
Aeroflot Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (© O. Pritzkow)

Aeroflot has taken delivery of its new full-specification Sukhoi Superjet 100 produced by JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCA). The plane SSJ-100 (registration number RA-89042) has been named in honour of Evgeny Barabash, a prominent Soviet pilot, pioneer of the national jet aircraft industry.

New Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft has been transferred to Aeroflot under a financial lease from Sberbank Leasing. The SSJ-100 is a next-generation regional jet developed and produced by SCA in cooperation with Alenia Aeronautica.

The aircraft can accommodate 87 passengers in a spacious dual-class configuration (12 seats in business and 75 in economy), and has a flight range of 2,400 km. The SSJ-100 received certification from the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR) in January 2011.

New aircraft form part of Aeroflot’s strategy to expand its route network and strengthen its leadership in the domestic air transport market. SSJ-100 jets are an important part of Aeroflot’s fleet, which is among Europe’s most modern and technologically advanced. The total order for SSJ-100 stands at 30 aircraft.


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