Turkish Cargo announces Dakar as new destination

Turkish Cargo Airbus A330-200F
Turkish Cargo Airbus A330-200F (© Airbus)

Turkish Cargo strengthens its presence in Africa as well with the launch of freighter services to Dakar.

As one of the most prominent cargo airline with its spectacular network growth, Turkish Cargo currently serves to 43 destinations throughout Africa. While continues its expansion plans for Africa, it marked the 10th dedicated freighter service to the continent with the launch of weekly freighter services to Dakar as beginning from May 18th 2015.

These all-cargo flights will supplement the already substantial Cargo capacity currently available on the multiple passenger flights to the city as well.

Turkish Cargo provides the most efficient connections to the leading production and commercial centers across the globe. Turkish Cargo serves to 268 destinations, including 51 freighter destinations, in 109 countries by its 10 freighters and the belly capacities of Turkish Airlines’ 264 passenger aircrafts.

By expanding to new destinations, Turkish Cargo brings its network and quality service to even more customers, meeting the needs of its clients with a careful attention to detail that is part of all aspects of Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines

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