UTair Group transports over 11 Million Passengers in 2014

UTair Boeing 767-200ER (© UTair)
UTair Boeing 767-200ER (© UTair)

UTair Group aircraft transported 11,204,598 passengers in 2014, surpassing 2013 results by 7%. UTair passenger turnover increased by 20.95% and reached 22,486,064 PKM. Passenger load factor grew by 4% and reached 80.2% in 2014. Mail transportation demonstrated the best dynamic with 50.8% growth and a total of 4.775 tons. UTair Group aircraft also carried 128,337 tons of cargo in total. Furthermore, in 2014 membership in the STATUS loyalty program exceeded 600,000 participants.

UTair’s positive trend in operational performance reflects the results of the successful implementation of Impulse program and confirms timeliness and relevancy of the selected anti-crisis strategy. “Despite certain difficulties UTair faced in the second half of 2014, we are going ahead with the implementation of efficiency improvement and operational cost optimization measures along with carrying out our operational program,” said UTair General Director Andrey Martirosov. “We are currently engaged in an ongoing constructive dialogue with our partners and counterparties and we are committed to reaching agreement with our creditors and completing our debt restructuring program in the nearest future.”

Moreover, in 2014 UTair continued its successful cooperation with the UN. In conditions of strong international competition, UTair remains the largest provider of aviation services to UN.

UTair Boeing 737-500
UTair Boeing 737-500 (© O.Pritzkow)

In 2014 UTair aircraft performed technical flights to two new Russian airports – Sabetta International Airport, located on the North-East side of the Yamal Peninsula, and Grabtsevo Airport, located in Kaluga.

“We are glad that the results we achieved and initiatives we realized in 2014 to improve aviation services and move our strategic development forward allow us to remain one of the leaders on the Russia aviation market even in these most difficult times,” said Andrey Martirosov. “In 2015 UTair will continue to make progress in the direction of improving efficiency. At the same time maintaining the highest level of flight safety, convenience and comfort of our passengers, developing an affordable air travel model combining attractive airfares and a full range of services remain our top priorities.”

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